Floor Cleaning & Disinfecting Tips during Covid-19 Pandemic

These days, the terrifying situation has made us stay inside the home as it’s the only way to curb the exposure of the coronavirus epidemic. But, instead of lying down on the bed all the time, cleaning home is the best thing to shield you ideally. Though cleaning home decreases the spread of deadly COVID-19, it also makes your home a pleasant place to live. If someone at your home is unwell or you have kids at home, then it’s quite imperative to clean and disinfect all the high-touch places including the floors.

Even though the floor is not a high-touch surface area of your home, but for the pet lovers, there is a strong probability that your pets can carry germs, dirt, and bacteria from outside. 

In this scenario, you need some superfluous cleaning and disinfecting tips to keep your floor well-protected.

Should You Clean or Disinfect the floor or not?

Before we proceed further, let us clearly explain one thing that there exists a significant difference between cleaning and disinfecting the floor. Cleaning can remove the germs but doesn’t kill them, whereas, to kill germs require you to use various chemical including disinfectants and sanitizers. That’s why it is recommended to clean the floor first and then disinfect it to destroy the germs. Such chemical disinfectants cannot be prepared at home; you need to buy premium quality disinfectants to experience the best results. 

COVID-19: Cleaning and Disinfecting Tips to Avoid its Deadly Exposure on Floor

Following are the incredible tips to confine the spread of noxious global pandemic including;

  • Wear disposable gloves before you clean and disinfect the floor.
  • Use home cleaning disinfectants that are suitable for the surface.
  • For soft surfaces including drapes, carpets and rugs use premium-quality cleaners for desired results.

Apart from these general guidelines, you must follow some specific guidelines to assure better protection.

Use Disinfectant Wipes for Better Results

To clean high-touch surfaces of your home including door-knobs and tables and chair handles etc, you must use disinfectant wipes as they can keep the germs at bay. Since you touch these surfaces frequently, so keep the alcoholic-based disinfectant wipes with you whenever you clean the floor. It becomes more necessary if someone at your home is feeling unwell with the weak immune system. 

Clean Floor and Surface with Bleach and Disinfectant Spray

You cannot wipe down the carpets and sofas, so it’s better to use a disinfectant spray to kill germs. You can use the spray on paper towels and clean the sofa, carpets, and other hard surfaces of the home. 

Your shoes carry a lot of germs, that’s why it’s preferable to mix the bleach in water and clean the floor properly. If you have wooden floors at home, then mixing vinegar and water is also an advanced solution to avoid spreading this virus.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Agency for an Effective Cleaning Solution

Though, due to the dreadful situation, most of the organizations are not offering their services. But just like the real warriors, the frontline workers of cleaning agencies still offer their surfaces without compromising quality standards.

You can hire professional cleaners as they provide their surfaces by using the latest tools and up-to-date equipment.

Source Url: https://timebusinessnews.com/floor-cleaning-disinfecting-tips-during-covid-19-pandemic/

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